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Camber Steady Plus

Camber Steady Plus is a premium progressive lens with a unique architecture. In the front surface, the Camber lens blank provides the ideal base curve, offering an unbeatable visual quality. The back surface utilizes a personalized progressive digital design developed using an innovative method, Steady Plus, which dramatically reduces lateral distortions. For more on Camber, visit our Document Center

Camber Technology

  • Camber with IOT IntelligencePersonalization parameters are used to optimize the wearer’s vision in all gaze directions
  • A sophisticated progressive design developed with Steady Plus Methodology and IOT Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology produces a point-by-point compensation of the wearer’s prescription in the back surface
  • In the front surface, inspired by nature, the variable curve continually increases from top to bottom, providing better vision at all distances.

Camber Steady Plus Comparison Test

In a double-blind study, test wearers compared the same progressive design, one of them engineered with Camber Technology and the other one without it.

  • Test wearers wore each pair of glasses for the duration of one week but were not aware of which lenses they were wearing for the entirety of the study
  • Both pairs of lenses were of identical material and base curve, and mounted in the same frame
  • Wearers were surveyed about their experience with the lenses after testing them both


Camber Steady Proven Results


Camber Video