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Product Lines

`We carry a complete line of high quality lenses and coatings for superior solutions for your patients. Our goal is to maintian a product offering that will provide a broad selection of lenses that will meet the vision needs of your clientele. If you have a particular need that is not listed here, please contact customer service for assistance. 

Schroeder  Lenses

Progressive Lenses

Camber Steady Plus, Apex Steady, Ascent Steady, Embark+, New Elite. SL. Sports Progressive, Drive Progressive

Other Lenses

Worksight Occupational, Pilot Occupational, Colleague Anti-Fatigue SV, Digital Bifocal, Digital Single Vision

Other Manufacturers


Superior, Surmount, Supernal, Supercede II, Succeed II


Autograph® AI, Autograph® II, Autograph® III, InTouch™, Spectrum™. Element™, Duo™


Camber™ Steady Plus, InMotion™, Apex, Ascent, New Resolve, Encompass, Elite, Excel, Excel WS, Embark

No-Glare AR Lenses

Schroeder Anti-Reflective

Perfecta Plus, Performa, BLP (BLue Light Protector)

Photochromic Lenses

Schroeder Lenses



Vantage, Xtractive 

Additional Services

Chemistrie, Solid Mirrors, Flash Mirrors, Lens Tinting,