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Value Packages

Frame & Lens Packages

Our Frame and Lens Packages for kids and adults include frames from the WestGroupe SuperFlex and Life Italia brands. Packages are available with a range of single vision, multi-focal, and progressive lenses with available materials including CR-39, Poly, High Index 1.60, and High Index 1.67. Add-ons include polarized lenses, blue light filtering, photochromic, and anti-reflective treatments.

Rio Ray® Packages

Rio Ray has developed a strong line of sunwear with a stylish, modern look. Rio Rays are available in plano or prescription, and can also be purchased without the stock plano lenses. Rio Ray is dedicated to making good looking sunwear affordable again. Besides selling Rio Ray frames with individual job orders and as a package with frames, lenses, and backside AR, Schroeder Optical can also provide our wholesale clients with display cases that are free of charge with minimum orders. Click the button below for our Rio Ray brochure. To see pricing for the Rio Ray package you must register and login


Package Pricing

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